First Day of School

On Aug. 24th Bella started her first day of Kindergarten and one of our projects was making peanut butter bird feeders for the little birdies. Not only did the little birdies enjoy our peanut butter and seed but so did the squirrels!!! Everything was completely gone by the next morning!

Chuck E Cheese

2 years ago we started a tradition of going to Chuck E Cheese atleast once a year and making a huge deal out of it. This year anna was able to join in on some of the festivities such as riding around the big clock in the kiddie chair, which she hated. :) Bella of course had a blast.


Fashion Sense

Bella and Anna Hills.....Fashionistas!


3rd of July Parade

As usual, the Rantoul "4th" of July parade did not disappoint...even though it was on the 3rd of July. We truly appreciate that our town respects the fact that some people go to church on Sunday mornings ;) We had alot of fun!


Last night we watched the Rantoul Fireworks with MiMi, Matt and some really great friends. Suprisingly, Rantoul's fireworks were really good. Anna even enjoyed the "piteez" after getting used to the loud booms.

Swimming with Auntie Lisa

The other day Auntie Lisa came to meet the girls and I at the pool. Anna had so much fun playing jump with Lisa in the "waa-waa"

Bob and Larry

Last weekend we took the girls to Family Christian Bookstore to meet their favorite movie stars...Bob the Tomato and Larry the Cucumber. Lets just say Bob and Larry are more appreciated when they are 2 inches tall and stuck in a tv rather than 6ft tall in person.

Toy Story 3

Kyle and I took the Ignite Youth (and our lil ones) to see Toy Story 3. We always have tons of fun hanging with the youth because our maturity level is pretty even with theirs. :P

New Swings!

Grumpa Greg worked so hard making Bella and Anna a brand new swing set for Gramma and Grumpas house....they had a blast playing on it!

Lightning Bugs

American History Museum

At the last minute we decided to drive to Mahomet to Lake of the Woods to have a little family picnic but as soon as we had gotten there it started raining so we rushed into the Early American Museum and it was AWESOME! Bella had so much fun learning about Abraham Lincoln and Anna even had fun checkin out the old school toys,

National Chocolate Ice Cream Day

On June 6th we celebrated National Chocolate Ice Cream Day by making our own chocolate ice cream with our besties.


Mi Mi's Flowers

Memorial Day we went over to Mi Mi's house and watched her watch her race. :) Afterwards when she was back to her normal self we went outside and took pictures of her beautiful follers (flowers).

K's Graduation

Krystyn graduated from RTHS last Friday. These last 4 years of her life have been extremely hard for her but she overcame the obstacles. She even received a scholorship to Lincoln Christian College, the school she will be attending this fall.

Magic Show

Last Monday night the Methodist Church of Ludlow blessed the town kiddos with a little magic show. It was adorable and to make it even better it all revolved around Jesus!! WOOT WOOT!!!


Krystyn was asked to lead worship at her Baccalaureate this year. We couldn't of been more proud of her. Even though this was a "religious' service, I doubt there were 10 born-again Christians in the room, so for her to stand up and truly worship the Lord blew us away!

Ice Cream with MIA!!!!!!

Senior Prom

Krystyn had her very last prom this May. I was blessed to do her hair and see her off.

Daddy's Birfday!

Daddy had to work on his birfday this year so we had a nice relaxing night at home later that evening with cheescake that Bella Boo helped make.

Hillsong United

Kyle and I were blessed to go see our favorite band for Ky's bday. Once again, they did not disappoint.